Fedelkea Antique Lace Orenburg Shawl Slavic Crochet Wedding Knitted 55x55 Inch - BP7HVPVN7

Fedelkea Antique Lace Orenburg Shawl Slavic Crochet Wedding Knitted 55x55 Inch - BP7HVPVN7

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  • ✳️ Composition: goat down - 80% and mix cotton/silk- 20%. The thread helps to hold the shape of the lace and increases the strength of the shawl.

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  • ✳️ We recommend hand washing shawl with shampoo for hair. Do not twist a shawl and always dry flat, away from heat. Avoid drying shawl in direct sunlight as sunlight for a prolonged period will damage the shawl.

  • ✳️ Dimensions: ~ 55x55 inch | 140x140cm

  • ✳️ Handmade - high quality, ecologically clean goat down. Shawl is knitted by old traditions, each shawl takes two weeks to make. The pattern may vary slightly, but they're all beautiful and produced in a limited quantity. Made by Fedelkea.

  • ✳️ Luxurious orenburg antique lace shawl will become your family heirloom as it is durable in use - the more shawl is used the more attractive it is.

  • ✳️ Slavic crochet baby shawl is light enough to throw over your shoulders on a cool summer night and warm enough to keep you toasty during a cold winter day. Wedding knitted cape is light, airy, very fluffy, soft and just beautiful!

  • Orenburg goat yarn is one of the thinnest in the world, the down hair of Orenburg goats is only 14-18 micrometers and that of Angora goats (mohair) is 22-24 micrometers. The down is combed out from goats at the beginning of winter season and which subsequently washed, sorted by tints and spinned into yarn, so Orenburg down shawls are so gentle, fine and soft. These secret skills have been handed down from generation to generation.
    They are also also called “wedding ring shawls” because the main feature of Orenburg shawl is it can be pulled through a wedding ring.
    Elegance, finesse, exclusivity, beauty - this is all about Orenburg shawls. It may decorate any evening dress, it is a nice addition to business style costume, a nice decor of homewear.